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The story of a bad experience:

ECoinLand was to recommend another web based e-walet by QoinPro, the catchy features by it being a multi-wallet feature for up to 12 different crypto-currencies, and also that it claimed to work as a faucet, providing a tiny interest daily, to each cryptocurrency wallet.

After checking that the daily interest was added in an erratic manner, and having contacted the support of QoinPro, got no response.

So it was time to do a final check, which meant to transfer a very small amount of bitcoin to the BTC wallet hosted there, the address being:

In the next link there is shown a block, one of the trasactions being for the value of 0.00028 BTC (28,000 satoshi) on the mentioned BTC address:


Despite de block has 487 confirmations and that several days went since the transaction, and after contacting again the inexistent support, the amount has not been placed into the wallet, nor it is shown as incoming:

Therefore, so far avoid QoinPro