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March 8th, 2016 update: One month ago FarmSatoshi, CannonSatoashi and CitySatoshi stopped paying. Since then, admin has not shown up in forum. The forum related to games is also abandoned.
Going back in time, there was a FarmSatoshi accounts suspension spree in December 2015, where many accounts were suspended allegedly for blocking ads. It looked like an attempt to get rid of many high level accounts (selective scam).
In January 2016 the games websites were suspended by Google Adsense, and that started the end of the games.
The games are being left for dead, and the earned satoshi amounts have not been payed. Take in count that at CannonSatoshi and CitySatoshi there was possibility to invest buying gems.
Even a new game was released a few days ago named TombSatoshi. Stay away from that, for being likely a scam.

Sign up for Farm Satoshi, and earn free Bitcoin

Play Farm Satoshi, the only farming game where you get paid FREE Bitcoin simply by watching ads while growing your farm and taking care of your animals.

Important: to cash out the earned satoshi since level 1 and to progress in game, you must sign up at XAPO, where you will get your bitcoin wallet, AND you must sign up using same email address as at Farm Satoshi. So the steps to start earning satoshi are:
1) Sign up and account at XAPO: you will receive your wallet, and also as welcome gift you will get a deposit of 5,000 satoshi after you verify account!
2) Signup at Farm Satoshi using same email address as used for XAPO
Tip: no matter what, at early stages of the game we will reinvest all the satoshi we earn to upgrade farm, buy animals, food, water, ... Still, at some level there is an achievement (for level up) which requires transferring some amount of satoshi to a XAPO based bitcoin wallet. After that, we have the choice to keep using XAPO wallet or by other hand use any other bitcoin wallet, via FaucetBOX (a faucet cache)

The game provides 2 modes, one is ongoing levelling game (detailed below), and the other is a speed game, which is completely independient from the ongoing levelling game. Besides there is a wheel of fortune where we may spend the ticket we can earn in the speed game and after getting certain achievements. Among the prizes in the wheel of fortune there are: 100,000 satoshi (0.001 BTC), special animals for the ongoing game, food and water refills, etc. Anyways, the speed game will get detailed in a future article.

Ongoing game features:

* Levels and objectives page:
Levels and achievements page at Farm Satoshi

Each new level of your farm gives new animals, more ranch capacity, more feed storage and cheaper bulks. To pass a level you need to achieve all the tasks indicated for that level.
  •  just spend satoshi according to each required objective to level up. Each uncompleted task (in grey) links directly to the section to complete it.
  • To reach level 7, you may need to get some referred players to join game via your referal link. Still there is an alternative way to complete the task: claim a bonus in the Bank page, 3 times, and you will get that objective completed.
  •  There are several different objectives, related to: buy certain amount of animals; collect animals products (goods) and sell them in the Bank; upgrade warehouses; buy bigger bucks of feed/water. Besides, some special objectives, for example cash out some satoshi to XAPO wallet. To accomplish this we can transfer just a small amount, i.e. 100 satoshi. Notice that in the case of the feed / water bucks, we must have enough free space in warehouse to fit it thoroughly. If needing to empty a warehouse, you may have to  grow the proper related animals for it, to spend the feed there.

* Farm
Managing your farm wisely will increase your satoshi earnings. Collect your animals production in the ranch and increase your warehouse capacity upgrading level by level, to store more feed.
Tips: in early stages, when every satoshi counts, to add a new animal, always check first that you can buy water and the feed related to the animal. So you need to sum the cost of animal, and if needed the cost of purchasing the lowest bulk of water and feed. This also applies in case of having a very small amount of feed, and needing to replenish the warehouse. You may ask a loan in the bank ( check below in bank section ), therefore keep that as emergency resource in case you run out of satoshi and need to buy more feed or water for producing animals.

* Farm -> Ranch: The ranch is where you manage the animals you own in the farm. Collect the produce for each animal then sell it in the bank to earn satoshi. In Farm Satoshi, the animal life is counted in hours. A dead animal will only be removed from the ranch once you collect its products (goods).

* Farm ->Warehouse: Monitor your feed and water storage capacity in the warehouse. You can invest to increase your warehouse storage for each feed type and water up to 2 times per level.

Warehouse page at Farm Satoshi

  • In case food or water run out, animals will stop producing, yet their life timer will keep going till they get spent. Therefore it is important to monitor warehouses oftenly, and just grow animals if the warehouses can be replenished periodically.
  • To buy certain food/water bulks, it will be needed to upgrade warehouse too, and have enough empty space. The more warehouse space we have the less monitoring we will have to do.
  • Warehouse upgrading is the biggest expense we will do in game: Warehouse upgrading example:
Upgrading corn warehouse from 357 to 378 capacity, costs 4,654 satoshi.
From 378 to 398: 4,954 satoshi
From 398 to 418: 5,254 satoshi
From 418 to 438: 5,554 satoshi
From 438 to 458: 5,854 satoshi
From 458 to 478: 6,154 satoshi
From 478 to 498: 6,454 satoshi
From 498 to 507: 6,774 satoshi
Therefore, the subtotal of satoshi expenses on the last 8 upgrades (till 507 size) of the corn warehouse is 45,632 satoshi.

* Market
In the Market you can find new animals for sale. Here you will also buy the farm needs in feed and water.

* Market -> Animals: As the farm level goes up, animals get more productive. Make sure you have enough feed and water in your farm to keep the animals production to a maximum.
Tip: as levelling up new animals are unlocked. The animals cost more, live longer and consume larger amounts of feed and water. yet, they generate larger profits. 

Animals shops in the market

* Market -> Feed: Each animal has a different feed, buy the right one for the animals you currently have in your ranch. When your farm level goes up you will be able to buy larger bulks and get cheaper feed.

* Market -> Water: Water is a vital part of the farm life. All the animals in the farm need water. When the farm water reserves run low your animal production will slow down.

* Bank
In the bank you can sell your farm products (goods), claim your satoshi, send a donation to your friends or take a bank credit to grow your farm. You can also get a small bonus, every 8 hours. You may claim Satoshi, into your Xapo wallet (remember to register using same email address at Xapo and FarmSatoshi) or to any wallet address of your choice, via FaucetBOX (faucets cache).

If you want to know more about web e-wallets choices, check this review of web based free Bitcoin wallets.

claim satoshi in the bank of Farm Satoshi

- Get a bank credit
You can get a credit and pay back whenever you want. It is specially helpful in the early stages of the game

- Bonus every 8 hours
Claim a bonus between 10 and 100 satoshi every 8 hours.

- Send money to your friends (referees)

Farm Satoshi is a great online game to meet another players and earn your free Bitcoin, sign up and join the Farm Satoshi farmers community!