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Earn Bitcoin playing the mine free game MyBitMine

MyBitMine is a free online web based game where you will manage your own mine, which mines for resources: gold, iron, coal and gems. To enhance the mining, you can then spend the resources on upgrading your mine, and earn even more. Besides you can exchange the mined gold to bitcoin cryptocurrency and withdraw directly to your electronic wallet.

Initially, the game is quite slow, therefore the earnings will be also slow but if you keep playing the game, in the middle-long term you will be able to earn a decent amount of Bitcoin every hour.

Mining resources is as easy as completing a captcha in the main page. This is required so as the mining action starts. There will be a countdown until next captcha, and during that period the mining will happen and we don't have to do anything other than wait.

Solve Captcha to go on mining
In the beginning the period between captchas is very short and we will have to monitor constantly the game. Once we do some upgrades in the mine we will be able to extend the activity period between captchas.

* Upgrades

To upgrade hour mine, we browse Upgrades menu, selecting "Upgrade your mine". There are several upgrades available for the mine, for different purposes. You can increase the amount of workers, upgrade their gear, add more ores to the mine and also get more chambers for the workers. Some upgrades help mining more resources per hour, other upgrades allow extracting different ores, and other upgrades prolong the periods between each captcha. In the beginning, we will just need gold to purchase upgrades, later the amount of gold needed will get incremented gradually, plus the addition of the other resources.

Earn FREE BTC playing the free online mine game

The game starts with 1 worker and 1 gold ore, and 1 mine cart. Adding more workers will increase the amount of gold able to mine per minute. The workers need to take a mine cart to enter into mine, and there can't be more than 5 workers in each mine cart, therefore every 5 workers, we need to increase mine carts amount.

Every worker that you have will be able to mine all of your gold ores. You earn 1 gold for every gold ore that you have, multiplied be the number of workers who are working for you. So, the gold mined could be calculated as: [number of workers] * [number of gold ores].
Tip: remember that when going to upgrade for 6th, 11th, 15th,... worker, it is needed to purchase extra mine cart, therefore take that in count when you decide if upgrading gold ore or workers. Sometimes it may be better to delay the upgrade of workers, and upgrade gold ores one more time.

Increasing the level of worker gears (the pickaxes) also increases the amount of gold you earn per minute. Every level of your pickaxe increases the amount of gold you earn by 2%. The more pickaxes you have, the more gold you receive. 2 pickaxes = 4%, 3 = 6% etc.
Tip: investing in upgrading the pickaxes is quite secondary, it won't increase much the gold/minute rate. It is more important to invest in workers and gold ores. Just invest in pickaxes when the ROI will be short (2 or 3 hours max).

To extend the period of the active mining, there are 2 types of upgrades: equipment and chambers. Equipment increases the time between captchas by 10%, and the chambers increase that time in 5 minutes.
Tip: since the activing ming period is very short in the beginning it is recommended to invest only on chambers, and once the period of active mining reaches to 50 minutes, then start to invest too on equipment. In fact, investing in equipment is better just once the time between captchas is very long.

At first, there is no use for the other resources as iron, coal, and gems. But later they are required for further upgrades.
Tip: adquire just one iron, coal and gem ore once the upgrade price is very low compared to the price of upgrading workers, and gold ores. Additionally, add one more iron ore (just when its price is very low compared to next upgrades of gold ore and workers), and let them increase resources over time, while we focus on upgrading workers (and mine carts), and gold ores.

Optionally it is possible to invest Bitcoin in game and speed up the upgrading of the elements listed above.

* Beta features

In the "Beta Features" menu we may find some extra ways to get more gold, besides links to to other digital coin faucets. Some ways to get extra gold are based on Ponzi, therefore they are quite a risk to use them.
Still the last choice called 'St. Bernard Lake' is a different, and interesting way to earn extra gold in the early stages of the game. For every minute that you keep that page open, you will receive 3 gold. You do not have to take any actions while grinding that gold. The only thing you need to do, is add the gold to your balance when you think that you have grinded enough gold to make a difference. Although, you can only have 50 gold stocked up in the Lake at a time. Refreshing this page will result in your earnings being lost, therefore, before leaving the page you must complete a captcha, and after that your balance will be increased with the extra gold. Take in count that The St. Bernard Lake utilizes your CPU to mine for crypto currencies as long as you are keeping that page open.

* Account

Besides managing your game account details, game referrals and get an overview of the profile, there are also the actions to deposit or withdraw Bitcoin.

Regarding withdrawing bitcoin, there are two ways in which you can request a withdrawal. Either you request it to be manually handled, or you can request an automatic payout to your SocialCoinWallet account. Update: due to erratic operation of SocialCoinWallet, it is highly recommended to use the manual withdrawal, and reclaim the satoshi to the Bitcoin wallet of our choice.

In case doing a manual withdrawal to the bitcoin address of your choice, you should note that minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC, and that 0.0001 BTC will be deducted for miners fee