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WARNING! The website of Ore-Mine has been allegedly seized by US Goverment. Is that true, or is it an exit scam?

main page of free Bitcoin ore mine game

Ore-Mine is an online game where you may earn some free Bitcoin. The purpose of the game is to upgrade your mines, and collect your production every 8 hours, by clicking over slot question mark icons. There are 5 slots of production, so the player may collect full produce once every 40 hours. Besides, there are extra 5 bonus slots, with extra rewards: extra production, coins of fixed satoshi amounts, production increment.

upgrading the mine at ore mine free satoshi game

The game provides a very basic mine, level 1. To upgrade mine it is needed to spend the earned satoshi or fund the account with more Bitcoin. Once purchasing enough mines for the level it is possible to purchase next level mines, to increase production.
Tip: ECoinLand investment was to purchase two  level 1 mines for 0.001 BTC. So far 90% of the investment is returned. Anyways it is quite slow paced game, any investment might need 2-3 months  to break even.

daily accrual and monthly interest at free satoshi ore mine game

There is a new feature, for storing Bitcoin in the web wallet of the game, with no fees, a daily accrual (interest charge), and transactions history. The monthly interest rate is 2.32%.

Other features:

- Affiliate program to help increasing production.

- Gambling style minigame to buy land cells with a chance to win a jackpot (each cell costs 10,000 satoshi, not tested yet)

free bitcoin games ore mine banner 

Sign up at Ore Mine for FREE and earn Bitcoin!

Tip: it is a very slow growing game, it may need several months for ROI, no matter the level of mine being invested. ECoinland choice was to invest no more than 0,001 BTC, to buy two level 1 ore mines, and let it slowly return the investment.