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Some faucets do not reward the promised free bitcoin; they are just scam

The faucets niche is as volatile as the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is. New faucets are released, some get dried, or dissapear, through the wide offer of faucets to reap.

Among such vast supply there are some black "sheep" which must be avoided, since they are just plain scams, which don't pay the promised bitcoin (some use sneaky actions as suddenly increasing the minimum widthdraw amount). Some even use the excuse of having been hacked (as some cloud mining scam sites do, etc.)

Whichever is their purpose, to attract some temporal traffic (which should not last long as the scam reveals), or in some cases when a sign up using email address is required, to harvest email address to sell to mail spammers, just stay away from them. So the next is the scam alert list:

Bitcoin Faucets Blacklist

  • getbit.xyz
  • boombit.co.in
  • passivebits.com
  • gd-btc.com
  • btc2me.com
  • RiverBit: www.rv-b.com
  • fantasybtc.com
  • bambitcoin.com
  • bitcoinpuddle.com
  • faucetbitcoins.info
  • adenbtc.com
  • gemmaco.eu
  • el-confidencial.com
  • bitorion.com
  • smasher.info: after reaching the big min withdrawal amount, the site stopped working, changed the path, and the balance misteriously disappeared
  • batblob.com: they keep promising in Bitcointalk forum that they will pay, but it has been 18 days and the payment never happened
  • monsterbtc.net: after several days down, when this faucet was back, ECoinLand balance was cleared, 0. Scam
This list will keep updated.