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March 8th, 2016 update: One month ago FarmSatoshi, CannonSatoashi and CitySatoshi stopped paying. Since then, admin has not shown up in forum. The forum related to games is also abandoned.
Going back in time, there was a FarmSatoshi accounts suspension spree in December 2015, where many accounts were suspended allegedly for blocking ads. It looked like an attempt to get rid of many high level accounts (selective scam).
In January 2016 the games websites were suspended by Google Adsense, and that started the end of the games.
The games are being left for dead, and the earned satoshi amounts have not been payed. Take in count that at CannonSatoshi and CitySatoshi there was possibility to invest buying gems.
Even a new game was released a few days ago named TombSatoshi. Stay away from that, for being likely a scam.

earn free bitcoin at Farm Satoshi online game

Farm Satoshi is an online faucet game where you may earn Bitcoin and get paid them to your BTC wallet . To read a review of each of the sections of the game please refer to this review of Farm Satoshi. The review already contains some helpful tips, and this article will gather them and go beyond to present the best tips, hints and tricks to help in your progression in the game, and maximize the earning of free Bitcoin.


- It might be a problem to play Farm Satoshi at a home which shares internet connection among home members, since the game has strict policy to avoid multiaccounts and bots. Therefore just register one account per household.


Players can refer other players. As added feature a referer player can send satoshi to the referrals under that player, using a feature in the bank page. In fact, this is the only way that a player may send satoshi to other player. Besides, the referer earns a bonus 10% of any withdraw of satoshi that their referrals do from the game. ECoinLand referral link is the next: ECoinLand Farm Satoshi Referral link. ECoinLand will send a start up amount of satoshi to referrals which get to an active status (from 'pending' to 'OK' status).
To get referrals validated, they might just play game normally. In case they get a captcha, solve it. Also level up to level 6, since by then it is needed to do a transfer of satoshi to Xapo account, therefore it may seem enough to consider the player active. Yet it is unknown the exact actions needed to go past the pending status.

Leveling up

- In early stages, when every satoshi counts just spend satoshi according to each required objective to level up. Pleasde refer to the table at the end of the article to find full list of objectives level by level. Each uncompleted task (in grey) links directly to the section to complete it.
- Before buying animals, always check that you have enough water, and feed related to that animal. You may need to sum the costs of water, feed, and animal and see if you have enough satoshi in balance. If not, you may keep saving satoshi by breeding other animals, or taking a loan from Bank, or collecting the bonus satoshi at Bank page. Cost of bulks of feed:
free Bitcoin game Farm Satoshi feed bulk and prices

- When log in to game, the level page is loaded. If you check the warehouses graphic meters at top right, they may not be accurate, so it is recommended to load Farm page (click over Farm button) to read the proper values of feed and water left. Anyways to get the exact figures, just load the warehouses page.
- Don't rush on widthdrawing the free Bitcoin. We can't invest into game, as as said earlier every satoshi will be needed to level up in early stages of game. The game is progressive so later we will earn a nice amount.
- To reach level 7, you may need to get some referral players to join the game via your referral link. use your social network accounts, or any website you own, to spread the word. Still, there is an alternative way to complete the task: claim a bonus in the Bank page, 3 times, and you will get that objective completed.
- For the objective of doing a transfer to Xapo account, just send a tiny amount of satoshi and done.
- For objectives related to buy bulks of feed/water, we must have enough free space in warehouse to add it. If needing to empty a warehouse, you may have to breed the related animals for that feed, to spend the feed there.
- In case food or water run out, animals will stop producing, yet their life timer will keep going till they get spent. Therefore it is important to monitor warehouses oftenly, and just grow animals if the warehouses can be replenished periodically. The more warehouse space we have the less monitoring we will have to do.
- Warehouse upgrading is the biggest expense we will do in game. The next table shows each warehouse upgrade ,and its cost. Also, the total amount spent at each warehouse to reach max size. There is some missing data which has not been tracked, and it has just been calculated backwards, so it might not be accurate, and that's why it is set in red. By other hand the data in black is accurate. Therefore the subtotal amounts of satoshi spent colored in blue are accurate, and the red total amounts are just an estimation. The biggest expenses will happen at corn and hay warehouses. So the backwards estimation has not been applied to carrot, wheat and water warehouses, since in comparison, the costs are much lower.
free Bitcoin game Farm Satoshi list of warehouse upgrades and costs

- There is a info box in level page, which tells how many satoshi we might earn at every level. It is not accurate, to know how much we can earn refer to the next section:

How much can be earned at Farm Satoshi

The next spreadsheet cap will show how much can be earned animal by animal.
free Bitcoin game Farm Satoshi animals maximum and minimum profits

- The profit we may earn is directly related to how much we pay for the feed/water. If we buy the small bulks of feed, we will earn less (in early stages of game just the small bulks are available, and the bigger bulks are unlocked as we level up).

- The difference between minimum and maximum profit is less noticeable for ducks and rabbits. For the rest, the goats, pigs and sheep, there is a big difference. 

- The higher is the cost of animal, the higher is the time (in hours) needed to break even (ROI). For example, the Pekin duck needs 0.67 hours (around 40 minutes) for ROI.

- So, the most profitable animal in the market is ... the Hampshire pig: it  generates 482 satoshi/hour, and the second is the Quessant sheep at 421 satoshi/h

- In practice, breeding Landrace pigs instead of Hampshire pigs will not suppose too much difference, and the warehouse feed will last longer.

- Taking in count the max size of warehouses, this is the time needed between each supplying of the warehouses, for breeding 6 Quessant sheep and 5 Landrace pig:
free Bitcoin game Farm Satoshi - periods of time to supply warehouses
 The hay warehouse will last 118 minutes, and the corn warehouse 127 minutes, before needing new supply

- Breeding 11 Quessant sheep would force to supply hay warehouse every 64 minutes. Breeding 11 Landrace pig would force to supply the corn warehouse every 58 minutes. Breeding 11 Hampshire pig would force to supply corn warehouse every 41 minutes

- The next screencap shows the satoshi profits, and warehouses duration of some plans (sets) of animals:
Profit and warehouse duration of some example plans for Farm Satoshi online game

Plan VII leaves one slot free for special animals. Some plans will take in count the wheat achievement, so as to buy the 150 kgs. wheat bulk when refilling the wheat warehouse.

Wheel of Fortune

- You can win tickets for the Wheel of Fortune if you rank among the top 10 on any given match. It is also possible to win tickets in the auction feature.
- Before playing the tickets it is recommended to have at least one free slot in the ranch, in case we get rewarded a special animal. If there is no free slot abvilable, that special animal would be lost.
- Also, it is advisable to have warehouses almost empty, in case we get rewarded a free full feed and water refill.
- Special animals won at Wheel of Fortune don't count towards the special animals achievement.


free Bitcoin game Farm Satoshi - playingauctions

- If the countdown goes from 10 seconds to 'Time Over' then the last bidder (the one in position #1) wins auction. Take in count that the countdown is just a client side timer, and it might have small delays, so the player will know that it's the winner if seeing the green notification at bottom right, with the name of player on it.
- Remember to keep a free slot at ranch in case you win a special animal. If there is no empty slot, the animal will be lost.

Table of objectives to level up

Level 1
Start level, no requirement
Level 2
Buy 1 Peking Duck (100 satoshi)
Level 3
1 White Rabbit (120)
1 Small Bucket of water (20)
Level 4
1 Mallard duck (150)
Wheat bulk
Carrot bulk
Also: upgrade carrot warehouse once
Level 5
Sign up with Xapo, to create a web wallet, and send a test amount of satoshi
Sell the produce twice at bank
Collect from ranch 3 times )
Level 6
1 Spotted Goat (400)
Hay bulk
Also: upgrade water warehouse twice
Take a loan at Bank
Level 7
3 Gray Rabbits (3*160)
the water item named: 'three small buckets'

upgrade water warehouse twice
Collect produce 5 times
Sell the produce 3 times at bank
Get 3 referrals OR alternate way: collect 3 times the satoshi bonus at Bank
Level 8
Note: do not buy the 2 Ossabaw pigs till saving enough satoshi to buy both of them AND also a bulk of corn which will unlock at the next level. Save 1440 + 300 = 1740 satoshi, buy pigs, level up, and buy corn.
2 Ossabaw pigs (720*2)
buy hay bulk
upgrade hay warehouse twice
upgrade wheat warehouse twice
buy hay
Level 9
2 Peking ducks (100*2)
4 Mallard ducks (150*4)
3 Corsican goats (770*3)
1 corn bulk
1 bucket of water
upgrade corn warehouse once
Level 10
5 White rabbit (120*5)
6 Gray rabbits (160*6)
4 Hito rabbit (540*4)
1 Black pig (1380)
1 bulk of 30 carrots Also:
upgrade corn, carrot, water warehouses once each
Level 11
1 Ancona duck (690)
4 Ossabaw pigs (720*4)
5 Black pigs (1380*5)
1 bucket water
100 corn bulk
300 hay bulk
Level 12
1 Guinea pig (3120)
7 Spotted goat (400*7)
6 Corsican goat (770*6)
3 Kinder goat (1750*3)
1 Galway sheep (2830)
1 bulk of 100 wheat
Level 13
6 Caraman sheep (9130*6)
one 'three buckets' of water
Collect all produce once
Sell all goods at bank once
Level 14
6 Ancona duck (690*6)
7 Swedish duck (1340*7)
1 Spotted goat 400
1 Black pig - 1380
do a test, small transfer to Xapo
Level 15
2 Brown rabbit (670*2)
2 Hampshire pig (5142*2)
2 Caraman sheep (9130*2)
7 Katahdin sheep (12400*7)
upgrade once each water, carrots, hay and corn warehouses
Level 16
2 White rabbits (120*2)
7 Spotted goats (400*7)
7 Corsican goats (770*7)
6 Kinder goats (1750*6)
5 Pygmy goats (2200*5)
1 Galway sheep (2830)
upgrade once the wheat warehouse
Level 17
9 Ancona Ducks (690*9)
8 Swedish Ducks (1340*8)
7 Bellied Ducks (4000*7)
bulk of 100 wheat
bulk of 100 carrot
upgrade once each water, wheat and carrot warehouses
Level 18
9 Hito Rabbits (540*9)
9 Brown Rabbits (670*9)
9 Angora Rabbits (2410*9)
1 bulk of 200 carrots
one 'three barils' of water (660 of water)
upgrade once each water and carrots warehouses
Level 19
5 Black Pigs (1380*5)
9 Guinea Pigs (3120*9)
9 Hampshire Pigs (5142*9)
9 Landrace Pigs (11342*9)
1 throught of water (700 of water)
2 bulks of 200 corn
upgrade once each water and corn warehouses
Level 20
9 Spotted goats (400*9)
8 Corsican goats (770*8)
9 Kinder goats (1750*9)
8 Pygmy goats (2200*8)
1 Katahdin sheep (12400)
1 bulk of 1000 hay
upgrade once hay warehouse
Level 21
5 Pekin ducks (100*5)
6 Mallard ducks (150*6)
7 Ancona ducks (690*7)
8 Swedish ducks (1340*8)
9 Bellied ducks (4000*9)
1 Saanen goat (14150)
1 trough of water (700 water)
Level 22
5 Hito rabbits (540*5)
6 Guinea pigs (3120*6)
9 Galway sheep (2830*9)
8 Caraman sheep (9130*8)
7 Katahdin sheep (12400*7)
upgrade once each water, wheat and corn warehouses
Level 23
9 Ossabaw pigs (720*9)
9 Black pigs (1380*9)
9 Guinea pigs (3120*9)
9 Hampshire pigs (5142*9)
9 Landrace pigs (11342*9)
9 watering holes (800 water)
1 bulk of 500 corn
upgrade once corn warehouse
Level 24
9 Pygmy goats (2200*9)
9 Saanen goats (14150*9)
9 Hampshire pigs (5142*9)
9 Landrace pigs (11342*9)
9 Caraman sheep (9130*9)
9 Katahdin sheep (12400*9)
9 Quessant sheep (19300*9)
Level 25
9 Bellied ducks (4000*9)
9 Angora rabbits (2410*9)
9 Saanen goats (14150*9)
9 Landrace pigs (11342*9)
9 Quessant sheep (19300*9)
9 water wells Also: win a Speed game

End of article for the best tips, hints, and profits to earn free Bitcoin at Farm Satoshi game.