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free bitcoin faucets

Updated ECoinLand free Bitcoin faucet rotators with 2 HYF (High Yield Faucet)

- Alert: www.gd-btc.com is NOT paying, it seems a scam. Gd-BTC is a timer based progressive faucet, which tops at 1,500 satoshi/hour. Therefore it must be collected at least every hour. It looks like a sister of skyBTC (which has already payout twice to ECoinLand), so it must be trustful HYF. It will require some registration.
BTW, skyBTC increased withdraw fee from 3% to 5%.

- Freemulticoins* : new multifaucet (Bitcoin, Litecoin and DogeCoin) is released, promising 1001 satoshi every 15 min! (4004 satoshi/hour). Let's put it with an asterisk, at least till doing the first cashout, and because at first it was providing satoshi every 10 minutes ( for 6006 satoshi/hour) and a few hours later it increased the wait time to 15 minutes.

Besides, added timer, progressive free bitcoin faucet Donaldcoin ( a sister of fantasyBTC ), which delivers 240 satoshi/hour, and holds up to 500 satoshi.


TakeBitcoin is delivering double rewards till today.

Faucet possible scams alerts

- Locobit.co increased minimum balance widthdraw to 100,000 satoshi (now it takes up to at least 100 hours to complete that amount). Watch for possible scam.

- The next is a "calavera Trio" of HYF which aren't paying as promised. It was too good to be true. They have attracted high traffic, in some case they even beg to get BitGold referrals, but they are not paying as promised. Already awaiting 3 weeks for a payment which is not happening. They are boombit.co.in, getbit.xyz and passivebits.com boombitcoin HYF scam, not paying

getbitxyz HYF scam, not paying

passivebits HYF scam, not paying