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Overview of Batch I VGHS cloud mining package, by ZeusHash

ECoinLand tested the Batch I VGHS package released by ZeusHash cloud mining company, and this is the review of the results from that test.

Such package offers some catchy features such as zero maintenance fees, and the most interesting: once the contract period ends, a month later, the customer gets the return of the purchase, along with the mined Bitcoin amount. It is important to notice that this package is quite of limited amount and it gets sold quite fast.

So, the test consisted in investing a small amount. For that 0.064 Bitcoin was transferred to the wallet that customer keeps at ZeusHash, then it was adquired 5 GHz hashing power of that package for 0.06215544 Bitcoin (6,215,544 satoshi).
The 5 GHz yielded in 30 days: 0.00136533 BTC (136,533 satoshi)
0.00136533 / 0.06215544 = 0,021966
That's 2,20 % profit on the temporal investment

Mining results with the ZeusHash Batch I VGHS cloud mining package

No miracles there, but getting the investment returned after the contract ends is quite a deal!

There has been a new release by ZeusHash of the Batch I VGHS package, and this time the price of the GHZ has been risen. The 5 GHz bought in the previous period, this time it would have costed 0.10614318 BTC (10,614,318 satoshi). That is: 0.02169071 Bitcoin per GHz.

This means that the current ECoinLand balance of 0.06536533 Bitcoin could have just bought 3 GHz, which in turn they would have yielded less Bitcoin: around 3/5 of 0.00136533 BTC = 0.00081919 BTC (not taken in count the mining difficulty % increment).

Causes of the price increment: Bitcoin value change? Mining dificulty increase over time? ZeusHash trying to get a better % from the earnings the mining devices get?

The current results in the cloud mining niche offer in the best cases around 3 months to break even (ROI), taking in count the maintenance fees usual in the niche, and also the need to reinvest in more hashing power, to match the difficulty % increase in mining. Therefore it sounds like a very good choice for a passive Bitcoin income during 1 month, if investing for, for example, 1 THz.

Note: as the time this article is being written, the ZeusHash Batch I VGHS package is already fully sold out. ECoinland will stay tuned to new releases, to compare the development of that type of package.
ZeusHash Batch I VGHS cloud mining package