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Make money for free playing Golden tea online game

Golden Tea is an online game where we can earn free Bitcoin.
The concept of this online game is to buy tea bushes and plant them into a square field (10x10 cells grid), collect (pick) tea leaves, and sell them to get 2 types of game currencies: gold and coins. The game provides 10,000 coins when player signs up, which is the cost of the basic tea bush. The in game coins currency can be used to purchase new tea bushes and increment the production, and the in game gold can be converted into coins or real cash, so as to be paid via Payeer payment system or otherwise directly to a Bitcoin wallet.

Cycle to earn free Bitcoin in Golden Tea online game

Notice that the tea bushes (producers) do not get damaged, so there is no need to repair them. Optionally it is possible to invest, deposit cash and get extra coins to speed up tea bushes buyment, and therefore the tea leaves production rate.
Besides, there is no need to log in every fixed period of time. We can delay log in to game as much as wished, since the leaves amount to be picked will grow with no limit, till we pick them. This helps player to stay away from game for long times and yet not lose any progression in the matters of the collected produce.

Next in this guide there will be listed the main sections of the game.

Golden Tea free online game menu overview


Check our game statistics and game account data (email address can be changed).
among stats: game coins balance, game gold balance, income from referrals, how much cash invested (showed in rubles) in game, and how much cash widthdrawn (showed in rubles)


Purchase tea bushes using game coins. There are different types/sizes of bushes with incremental cost and production of tea leaves:
Tea bush types in the Golden Tea game to get paid free Bitcoin

- Big bush
Price: 1000000 coins
Produce: 10000 leaves/hour - 360000 coins/month

- Medium bush
Price: 100000 coins
Produce: 1000 leaves/hour - 36000 coins/month

- Small bush
Price: 10000 coins
Produce: 100 leaves/hour - 3600 coins/month


Plant tea bushes to the playing field: drag a bush with a mouse or click on a bush, and then on the playing field. Tea bush will be planted and since that moment you start earning permanent income! Pick leaves at any time (every hour, once a day or even once a month, as you wish) and sell them, at a rate of 20 leaves = 1 coin. When selling leaves, 50% goes to coins and 50% goes to gold. For example, 2000 tea leaves will produce 50 gold and 50 coins (instead of 100 coins).
Pick tea leaves and sell them to earn coins and gold in Golden Tea online game
Besides, tea bushes can be upgraded to next type (only for type 1 and 2 bushes) using the in game coins. To do this, select the bush, and then click on the button: "Level up"
The cost of increasing the bush:
- 90,000 coins from type 1 to type 2
- 900,000 coins from type 2 to type 3


The game allows to invest by making deposit, and purchase coins. There are some variable promos to get progressive bonuses proportional to the amount invested. Such bonus % is expressed for Ruble currency, so get at hand a currency exchange in case of inevsting in other currency ($ US, Bitcoin) to calculate the equivalence.
There are several payment systems available to make a deposit in game:
  • Bitcoin
  • Payeer in Euro or Rubles
  • Perfect Money
  • Qiwi

Invested in game at the time of writing this tutorial article: 0.0055 Bitcoin.


The gold can be converted into real currency, and be paid via Payeer or Bitcoin. You can withdraw gold to electronic wallets, at a rate of 100 gold = 1 Ruble, daily, without minimal withdrawal amount, and maximum amount is: 3000 Ruble.
Conversion rates:
100 gold = 1 ruble
5600 gold = 1 dollar

Converting game gold for real cash and withdrawing in Golden Tea online game
The example image shows how much it can be withdrawn using Bitcoin: the current amount of gold in game is automatically converted into Bitcoin. So it is just needed to input the Bitcoin wallet address to receive the transaction and click over 'Withdraw cash' button. This is how we can make money in Golden Tea.


Collect up to 100 coins every 24 hours.


Gold balance can be exchanged into coins at any moment. This may help to increase coins amount and buy faster the tea bushes.
Exchange gold into coins in Golden tea to increase coins amount


Support system, though only answered in russian language.


To check stats about refered players.
Three-level referral program is realized in this game: Invite your friends to this game, earning from their purchases
+ 10% of each balance replenishment from your invitee
+ 3% of replenishment of the invited from the 2nd level
+ 2% of replenishment of the invited from the 3rd level
The funding comes to a gold account from which you are able to withdraw your money immediately

Game drawbacks: in the past the game changed its domain name from goldentea.su to golden-tea, and it had a few very short downtimes. Besides, the interfaze is not fully translated to English language, and the support staff will only attend in russian language (Gogole Translator might be our friend...).
Other than that, the experience is being good, with no other issues, progressing in game and develop the tea bushes plantation, to get enough leaves production and get a periodic income of free Bitcoin.
Manage a tea bushes plantation in Golden Tea online game and earn free Bitcoin
Run your own plantation of tea bushes: Register at Golden Tea and earn free Bitcoin!

Golden Tea game updates

- Withdrawal: 0.0429 Bitcoin. Payment proof: