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HYIP tenhourly.com is not paying the earnings. Is it scamming the investors? They have set a ridiculous condition, forcing the investor to deposit 100$ US to withdraw a small amount as 5.50$ US.

An investment was set, of 5$ US at tenhourly.com in August, in their Trial Plan, which lasts 20 days.
hyip tenhourly.com account details

When the plan was over, withdrawal process was started, to cash out the earnings (5.50$ US)

hyip tenhourly.com withdrawal history

Short before starting the withdrawal, tenhourly.com sent some emails which created certain concern.

- September 2nd: they demand 25$ to all accounts with a balance over 10$, admitting they had some "operational issues", and mishaps of some "affiliate", who is already out of the company (according to their words)

Sep 2nd, another email, reminding to deposit at least 25$ US if the investor will receieve any previous pending withdrawals:
"If you still not receive your withdrawals then you need to deposit atleast $25 in any plan from you Perfect Money, bitcoin or payeer account to receive your withdrawals."

emails set 1

Sep 3rd, widthdrawal of 5.5$ balance, then receiving this email:
"Dear xxxxxxxxx, We have received a request to withdraw $5.50 into your chosen account, via IP: xxxxxxxxx. Your withdraw request is pending and it will be executed within the next 1 to 12 business hours."

* Sep 3, getting an email demanding to deposit 100$ in some plan to proceed with withdrawal:
"Hello xxxxxxxx We just want to inform you that almost 70% our members already receive there withdrawals. IF YOU STILL DO NOT RECEIVE YOUR WITHDRAWAL THEN YOU NEED TO DEPOSIT $100 in PLAN 500% AFTER 1 HOUR."

emails set 2

* Sep 4, last email from them, they ask to invest the 100$ in a plan, to proceeed with the withdrawal of 5.5$, because someone might have tried to hack the account at tenhourly.com. It sounds like a really poor excuse: "Hello xxxxxxxx
I see your account, your withdrawals are locked.
Because some one trying to login to your account with wrong password many time. May be it try to hack your account or may be he is successful to get access on your account. So we need to verify that you are real owner of account.
You need to deposit in 500% plan with the same account that you was use for deposit first time, So that we sure that you are the real owner of this account after it we will process your withdrawals."

emails set 3

So based those alleged hack attempts, which were not mentioned ever before, tenhourly.com pretends to force a new deposit of 100$, to be able to withdraw 5.50$, which sounds plainly as a scam. As that they are not paying.