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Register at Mellow Ads
Update: the faucet game is not paying as expected. As for now do not register or even less invest in the game.
Despite the game might have payed some small amounts to new players in the game, players who have built a referral base (as ECoinLand) has not been able to withdraw any satoshi from the game. Currently 862,251 satoshi are pending for a month and not getting paid. Sounds like a scam, so it is strongly recommended NOT to invest in this.

get paid FREE Bitcoin by playing FaucetBirds online game

FaucetBirds is just another faucet game to earn free Bitcoin, which seems a far mix of other faucet games. By one hand, there are the producers, the birds which produce eggs to be sold by satoshi. By other hand, the birds have a limited life, and they must be fed, therefore it must be bought food to store in warehouse.
After signing up the game provides the most basic bird a yellow bird, and some food to start with.
There are two types of balances:
- Investing balance, which keeps satoshi used to reinvest in game by buying birds and food
- Withdrawal balance to cash out the money to our Bitcoin wallet
Withdrawal balance can be converted to investing balance in the Exchanger page, adding an extra % in the exchange process.

How to play FaucetBirds

Main navigation menu of FaucetBirds game to earn free Bitcoin
  • If needed, buy birds at Shop page, and feed at Food page
  • Go to Warehouse page  and collect eggs ('Collect all' button - you can collect all the produced eggs once every 10 minutes.)
  • Go to Sale page and sell eggs for satoshi (Sell all' button)

Profile page of FaucetBirds game shows the food in stock, and also how many hours are left till warehouse exhausts. Therefore it is helpful to check oftenly and buy enough food till the next time loggiing in to the game.

How much profit is done

When selling the eggs production for satoshi, the money is shared on two type of accounts you have (investment type and withdrawal type), at the next proportions: 80% for the investment type et 20% for withdrawal type.
The selling rate of eggs is 1 satoshi per 40 eggs. The selling rate of the special W3 eggs is 1 satoshi per 10 W3 eggs.
In the shop page of FaucetBirds game there is a variety of birds to buy. Each bird gives a different number of eggs. You can buy birds unlimited number of times. Notice that before you buy more birds you must reap the eggs you have in the warehouse.

Birds data:

Available bird types at the shop of FaucetBirds free Bitcoin game
  • Yellow bird:
    - cost: 300 satoshi
    - productivity: 10 eggs/hour
    - food needed: 4 gr./hour
  • Red bird:
    - cost: 3000 satoshi
    - productivity: 110 eggs/hour
    - food needed: 40 gr./hour
  • Brown bird:
    - cost: 12000 satoshi
    - productivity: 480 eggs/hour
    - food needed: 150 gr./hour
  • Blue bird:
    - cost: 60,000 satoshi
    - productivity: 2,500 eggs/hour
    - food needed: 850 gr./hour
  • Green bird:
    - cost: 120,000 satoshi
    - productivity: 5,500 eggs/hour
    - food needed: 1,700 gr./hour

Take in count that the basic life if the birds is 150 days. Each referral will add 5 days to that base life.

Besides these birds there is the special bird named 'King Bird' which produces the W3 eggs. It costs 100,000 satoshi, produces 10,000 eggs per hour and consumes 3,500 gr. of food per hour. This bird life cycle is 10 days.
The condition to buy these birds is to have enough referrals, in this way:
- To buy 1 King Bird, you must have referred 3 players to game
- To buy 2 King Birds, you must have 6 referrals
- ...

There are 4 sized bulks of food available, though the only ones worth purchasing are the Large and X-Large bulks so as to spend the least in feeding the birds. The gr. of food for Small bulk costs 0.040 satoshi, while for X-Large the cost of gr. of food is 0.033 satoshi.
Types of food bulks at FaucetBirds free Bitcoin game

The profit that can be earned from each bird type in FaucetBirds game (taking in count the base life cycle of 150 days) is as listed below. Note: The ROI value is the days needed to break even the cost of the type of bird, by same type of bird earnings (taking in count that invest satoshi are the 80% of the gross satoshi earnings).
  • Yellow bird:
    - Gross satoshi earned: 900 satoshi
    - Earned for Invest (80%): 720 satoshi
    - Earned for Withdrawal (20%): 180 satoshi
    - Gross food cost: 480 satoshi
    - ROI: 187.5 days*
    * Note: This is the only bird that will not produce enough invest satoshi to buy a new bird of same type (720 - 480 = 240 satoshi is the net earning for invest). Therefore the ROI number is higher than bird life cycle. This means it is not worth to raise yellow birds unless exchanging satoshi from withdrawal balance to invest balance.
  • Red bird:
    - Gross satoshi earned: 9900 satoshi
    - Earned for Invest (80%): 7,920 satoshi
    - Earned for Withdrawal (20%): 1,980 satoshi
    - Gross food cost: 4800 satoshi
    - ROI: 144.23 days
  • Brown bird:
    - Gross satoshi earned: 43,200 satoshi
    - Earned for Invest (80%): 34,560 satoshi
    - Earned for Withdrawal (20%): 8,640 satoshi
    - Gross food cost: 18000 satoshi
    - ROI: 108.7 days
  • Blue bird:
    - Gross satoshi earned: 225,000 satoshi
    - Earned for Invest (80%): 180,000 satoshi
    - Earned for Withdrawal (20%): 45,000 satoshi
    - Gross food cost: 102,000 satoshi
    - ROI: 115.38 days
  • Green bird:
    - Gross satoshi earned: 495,000 satoshi
    - Earned for Invest (80%): 396,000 satoshi
    - Earned for Withdrawal (20%): 99,000 satoshi
    - Gross food cost: 204,000 satoshi
    - ROI: 93.75 days

Besides, The King Bird profit is as this: - Gross satoshi earned: 240,000 satoshi
- Earned for Invest (80%): 192,000 satoshi
- Earned for Withdrawal (20%): 48,000 satoshi
- Gross food cost: 28,000 satoshi
- ROI: 6.1 days

Hourly bonus

Every hour we can collect a bonus from Hour bonus page of the game. This bonus is a random amount of satoshi between 500 and 10,000 satoshi. It is very recommendable to collect as much times as possible every day.

Strategy for game progression in FaucetBirds

The tip is to save enough satoshi to buy green birds, and for that the hourly bonus is the key to grow in game at fastest speed. The recommendation from ECoinLand is to collect 130,000 satoshi to cover expenses of a green bird, and a X-Large bulk of feed (it can be done in 2 or 3 days depending how many times the bonus is collected per day).
The X-Large bulk of feed lasts around one week, for a single green bird. Such range of time would be divided by two if raising 2 green birds, and so on in case raising more green birds.
The sum of the hourly bonus satoshi and the satoshi added to invest balance will help to buy further green birds faster, to keep progressing at top speed and maximize the earnings of free Bitcoin in FaucetBirds game.
If raising 7 green birds at same time, the X-Large bulk of feed lasts 25 hours, therefore it will be recommended to buy enough food (a few X-Large bulks) so that it lasts a few days. Anyways, by collecting the hourly bonus and using the satoshi earned at invest balance it should be easy to refill warehouse with enough feed, for any amount of green birds being managed.
It is a game to earn free Bitcoin in the middle-long term (since birds live 150 days), which may require some active attention to collect hourly bonuses and refill warehouses with enough feed.

Sign up today and play FaucetBirds game!
get paid free money playing FaucetBirds free Bitcoin game

FaucetBirds Game updates

- The bonus rate and reward amount has been changed in FaucetBirds. Now the bonus is charged once every 0.5 h (30 minutes). besides the bonus amount is now a random satoshi amount between 1000 and 6000 satoshi.