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Note: MonsterCoinGame has been discontinued, and it can just be withdraw balance (still pending payment ...)

Earn FREE Bitcoin defesting the monsters at Monster Coin Game

MonsterCoinGame is the new release by Robotcoingame and Wonderlandcoin games developer! In fact, Monstercoingame is exactly same kind of game as Robotcoingame: defeat monsters zone by zone; upgrade attack power to defeat more powerful monsters and reach last zone to defeat the final boss. The main difference may be that at Zone 10 there is a single miniboss (named Legion) to be defeated.
Defeat legion miniboss at Zone 10 of MonsterCoinGame free Bitcoin faucet game

Regsitration requires an email address (which must be verified by verification email), and a Bitcoin wallet address. In case you haven't any Bitcoin wallet, you may register at Coinbase, or else you can choose among these web services to get your Bitcoin wallet

How to play Monstercoingame

Once logged in using the Bitcoin address, the mechanic to play MonsterCoinGame is very simple:

- Click over the attack button, solve the captcha, and done! Before attacking, the attack power can be increased by some % , if using the social network sharing buttons. This will help to defeat monsters quicker, using less attacks, and also to build a referral base. Between each attack there is a cooldown time, till next attack is available.

- The attack power can be upgraded using the earned balance, to do more powerful attacks and defeat each monster using less attacks.
upgrade attack power at MonsterCoinGame free Bitcoin faucet game

- Once the monster health is 0 it is needed to collect the satoshi reward, by solving another captcha, and the reward will be added to the satoshi balance.

- Monsters: Defeat all the monsters zone by zone. Each zone contains some amount of monsters to be killed before going to next zone.
kill monsters zone by zone at MonsterCoinGame free Bitcoin faucet game

A new Monster is introduced in every zone, in this order: Blob, Cyclops, Kraken, Harpy, Goblin, Troll, Ogre, Sasquatch, Golem, and Legion. You will still encounter lower leveled Monsters in each zone (except for zone 10 and 20, which belongs to the Legion boss), but monsters that are "native" to the zone will appear more likely. Legion is the miniboss at zone 10. After that, larger versions of the same monsters are killed zone by zone up to zone 20, where the task is to defeat the last monster boss, which is the larger version of Legion

- At any time there is the chance to restart the game (keeping the Bitcoin balance, as well), by going to Account page, and clicking over Restart button.

- A 4 digit numerical pin can be set at MonsterCoinGame so that no one else may withdraw your balance or upgrade the attack power instead of you. Yet, to change the Bitcoin address (at Account page), it is needed to confirm the process via email.

- Due to the ever changing price of Bitcoin, rewards can go up or down

Don't miss the chance to earn free Bitcoin while playing MonsterCoinGame faucet game! Register now!
join MonsterCoin Game and get paid to kill monsters in this free Bitcoin faucet game

MonsterCoinGame updates

In case any change is made to the game play of MonsterCoinGame, here it will get noted.