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Play CitySatoshi faucet game and get paid free satoshi

CitySatoshi is the latest hybrid faucet/invest game to earn free Bitcoin, released by Game Vault Studios. The next is a review of features and guide to progress in game.

CitySatoshi features

City satoshi Bitcoin faucet game features and mechanics:
  • Citysatoshi is a strategy game where you can earn free bitcoins.
  • Players start with 80,000 satoshi and 350 gems to spend.
  • Make new constructions in the village to increase the population and earn free satoshis.
  • The Top 200 Players earn bitcoin prizes at the end of the server. Prizes list:
    CitySatoshi faucet game Bitcoin prizes list for the top 200 players in ranking
    • Top 1: 0.25 Bitcoin
    • Top 2: 0.15 Bitcoin
    • Top 3: 0.1 Bitcoin
    • Top 4-10: 0.05 Bitcoin
    • Top 11-50: 0.025 Bitcoin
    • Top 51-100: 0.015 Bitcoin
    • Top 101-200: 0.01 Bitcoin
  • Grow your village in city satoshi: upgrade your constructions to host a bigger population.
  • Top up your food reserves to make sure your population is happy and productive.
  • Every server starts with a mine worth 250 Bitcoin. All players are looting the same mine to earn free satoshi. Therefore the sooner joining to CitySatoshi the better to start mining the satoshi of the village.
  • Players race to grow their village. Each construction is hosting a population who will pay you satoshi.
  • There are 6 types of buildings and each building has 8 levels. The village's population needs food to be productive and earn a maximum number of satoshi.

Mostly it looks like a clone of the CannonSatoshi game released by Game Vault Studios in November the 28th, 2015. This CannonSatoshi guide may explain most of features which remain the same in CitySatoshi.

Nevertheless, let's check differences with CannonSatoshi:
  • Instead of cannons, in City Satoshi there are buildings in the village which produce free satoshi income ( as if city inhabitants payed a tax ).
  • In City Satoshi, instead of consuming fuel, the houses consume food, which costs 1.5 satoshi per food unit.
  • The main difference against CannonSatoshi which must be remarked: the ability of constructing/upgrading the buildings is limited by how many hired workers are working in the village. The player starts with a single worker, therefore by default just 1 building can be constructed/upgraded at any given time.
    CitySatoshi free Bitcoin faucet game presents a new feature - the hired workers
    This feature can be upgraded hiring more workers, by using gems. Currently the price of hiring a second worker is 15,000 gems, so it seems that there is an attempt to motivate the player to invest Bitcoin in the game by purchasing gems, to hire workers and/or speed up the construction/upgrading of buildings.
    Hiring more workers for CitySatoshi will cost gems

Extending on CitySatoshi features and mechanics:
  • There are 6 types of buildings (from less profitable to most profitable) : FARMHOUSE, TAVERN, GUILD HOUSE, BAKERY, STABLE and TOWN HALL
    CitySatoshi free Bitcoin faucet game buildings features
  • There is a minimum score points requirement before you can start a new construction for a building.
  • Buildings need a construction time to become operational. You can use gems to speed up the construction time.
  • Each building can be improved from level 1 to level 8. Larger hosting capacity and higher earnings come with higher levels.
    level upgrading details for buildings in CitySatoshi free Bitcoin faucet game
  • There is a minimum score points requirement to level each building.
  • Buildings need a construction time for the enhancement to take place. You can use gems to speed up the upgrading time.
  • If you prefer to free the space for a better building, you can destroy the current one instantly.
  • Hire extra builders: You can use gems to hire builders and make multiple constructions at the same time.

Make it to the Top Ranking:
- The players are ranked based on their current earning potential which is the satoshi/hour that gets paid by the village population (it is the gross production, not counting what is spent buying food to refill warehouse).
- Keep improving your buildings and don’t forget that while under construction, the buildings are not hosting any population, therefore they do not produce any satoshi.

How much can be earned in CitySatoshi: tips for progression

CitySatoshi is a strategy game which may allow different tacticts for the start, based on how many farm houses may be built before switching to the tavern buildings. The main purpose at start is to stack enough score points to unlock Tavern and new levels of Farm House. Later the purpose will be to unlock new buildings which will provide higher net satoshi profits. In such activity, we might also level up existing buildings to earn more profit, and also get more score points. Therefore the two main tasks are to sum score points and increase the net satoshi/hour generation.
Due to the workers limitation, the building construction and upgrade times is also a matter to take in count, though in lesser degree.

Before going on, it must be noted that every round the settings of the game may be altered ( for example as it happened to the huge nerf upon CannonSatoshi earnings, from first to second round ).

Earning satoshi: net satoshi progression

Compared to the second round of CannonSatoshi, the first round of CitySatoshi provides more net satoshi per hour, even if food costs 1.5 satoshi. Still it is far below from what it was the first round of CannonSatoshi.
Regarding increasing the net satoshi generation (the satoshi/hour earned after costs of food is deducted), in City Satoshi, it is is important to note that the satoshi cost of increasing every unit of that factor (satoshi/hour) is the same for every building type and level. Let's check a few examples:
- Level 1 Farm House costs 7560 satoshi and the net satoshi/hour income is 45; raising the satoshi/hour in 45 units costs 168 satoshi per unit raised. We will see this cost/net difference ratio is constant.
- Level 2 Farm House costs 1596 satoshi and the net satoshi/hour generated by it is 54.5 satoshi/hour. The difference between level 1 and level 2 is 54.5-45=9.5 satoshi/hour (this is the increment of upgrading from level 1 to level 2). So 1596/9.5 = 168 satoshi spent for every unit of satoshi/hour increment.
If doing the math for other building types, and levels, it is the same constant: 168 satoshi spent per unit increment in net satoshi/hour generation. This means there is NO building (or level of it), better than any other in the matter of incrementing in a cheaper way the net satoshi produced per hour.
Satoshi/hour net earnings level by level, per building type:

LevelFarm HouseTavernGuild HouseBakeryStableTown hall

If we check the gross satoshi/hour production in City Satoshi, which affects the players ranking (that is, not taking in count the cost of food), there are some differences:
Level 1 Farm House produces 75 satoshi/hour (gross production, that is, not taking in count the cost of deducting food consumed in that time), for a cost of 7560 satoshi. This means that it costs 100.8 satoshi per unit we increment our total gross satoshi/hour. This level 1 building type is the cheapest. The most expensive level 1 building type would be level 1 Bakery because every gross satoshi/hour unit increment costs 135.01 satoshi ( 74,256/550 ), and that is an increment of 35% over the level 1 Farm House.
If checking level 2 of each building type, the cheapest cost of incrementing the gross satoshi/hour production rate is buying upgrade to level 2 Town Hall, since the cost is just 67.20 satoshi per each unit of gross satoshi/hour incremented. The most expensive cost would be for level 2 Tavern, since it costs 122.64 satoshi per unit increment of the gross satoashi/hour. This is almost double cost compared to level 2 Town Hall.
But, let's look at level 2 building types in other way: let's compare the accrued cost/gross satoshi (per hour).For example, for level 2 Farm House, the accrued cost is 7560 + 1596 = 9156 satoshi spent purchasing level 1 and upgrading to level 2. So if calculating same factor, the cost of getting +95 satoshi/hour in the gross production is 96.38 satoshi, which is the cheapest for all level 2 building types. The most expensive is tavern, since it costs 123 satoshi per unit of gross satoshi/hour increment (around a +33% more than Farm House). If comparing the level 8 of the building types, the differences get more balanced. Still, the cost of getting +2100 satoshi/hour gross increment, with a level 8 Town Hall 8 is 84 satoshi, while level 8 Tavern +310 satoshi/hour increment is more expensive since each satoshi/hour unit costs 113.02 satoshi, that is, 35% more expensive to increase the gross satoshi production using Taverns than using Town Halls.

Score points progression

In CitySatoshi the score points rewarded by building construction and upgrades have been reduced for higher types of buildings, compared to higher types of cannons in CannonSatoshi.
If checking the most basic buildings of CitySatoshi and comparing to most basic cannons in CannonSatoshi, the score points provided by lower levels is increased, while for higher levels, the buildings reward less score points.
For example: level 1 Farm House rewards 50 score points, while the Cannon in CannonSatoshi rewarded just 8 points. But if checking the level 8 of both types, the level 8 Farm House gives 50 points, while level 8 Cannon was giving 1271 points. And if comparing CannonSatoshi Rocket Launcher to CitySatoshi Town Hall, the Rocket launcher level 1 gives 888 score points, compared to 380 points by level 1 Town Hall. Even more, the level 8 Town Hall just drops 350 score points (x10 less!!), compared to level 8 Rocket launcher's 35316 points .
Yet, is there any building or level of building which provides score points cheaper than other buildings or levels? The answer is yes. Lets compare the first two levels of farm House and Tavern: for level 1, each score point of farm house costs 151.2 satoshi, while tavern score points cost 262.5 each one. That's an increment of 73.61%. And for level 2, the difference is huge! Each score point given by level 2 farm house costs just 79.8 satoshi, and by other hand each level 2 Tavern score point costs 204.4 satoshi. And increment of 256%!
Take a look at most advanced buildings of CitySatoshi, each level 1 Stable score point costs 304.7 satoshi and for level 1 Town Hall the cost is very similar: 308.1 satoshi. But level 8 Stable score point costs 58.8, and by other hand, the level 8 Town Hall score point costs 30 satoshi, almost half.
Besides, if we check the accrued score points earned from level 1 to level 8 of each building, cheapest score points are provided by Town Hall : 91.4 satoshi/point to purchase Town Hall and upgrade to level 8. By other hand the most expensive accrued cost is by Tavern, at 163.58 satoshi spent per score point accrued from level 1 to level 8.
Focusing on level 1 Stable and Town Hall unlocks, they are at 9,000 and 16,000 score points respectively, therefore it might be tougher at start to earn enough score points to unlock advanced and more profitable building levels. In fact we would need seven level 8 Bakeries (or equivalent if suming other types of buildings) to unlock level 1 Stable.
Continueing from that point, to sum 7,000 more score points for unlocking level 1 Town Hall, we would need to build and upgrade six level 8 Stables (or any other equivalent combination of buildings which provide at least 7000 score points).
More equivalencies in CitySatoshi:
- level 1 Tavern unlock: 4x level 1 Farm House
- level 1 Guild House unlock: 4x level 2 (take in count that score points are accrued) Farm House + 6x level 2 Tavern + some food warehouse upgrades + some achievements score points
- level 1 Bakery unlock: equivalent of 5x level 8 Guild Houses (this does not take in count the score points from achievements and warehouse upgrades; read next section to find out which achievements may help scoring points and saving from raising a few buildings and levels)

Achievements: getting extra score points and free gems

In CitySatoshi these are the most interesting achievements to consider at start and while progressing to get extra score points and more important: free gems. We will get some satoshi too, but it is less important compared to other rewards:

Building owner - make 6 buildings : 40 score points and 100 gems
Building boss - Make 12 buildings : 80 score points and 300 gems

Builder - level up any building 12 times : 100 score points and 100 gems
Chief Builder - level up any building 72 times 200 score points and and 400 gems

Builder - level up 2 buildings to level 6 : 50 score points and and 150 gems
Chief Builder - level up 6 buildings to level 6 : 100 score points and and 250 gems
Master Builder - level up 12 buildings to level 6 : 150 score points and and 300 gems

Builder - level up your first building to level 8 : 150 score points and and 250 gems
Chief Builder - level up 6 buildings to level 8 : 250 score points and and 400 gems
Master Builder - level up 12 buildings to level 8 : 400 score points and and 500 gems

Large Warehouse - increase your food capacity to level 10 : 50 score points and 50 gems
food warehouse - increase your food capacity to level 20 : 200 score points and 200 gems

food shop - buy 1000 gallons of food : 100 score points and 50 gems
food appetite - buy 10,000 gallons of food : 500 score points and 100 gems
food sucker - buy 100,000 gallons of food : 1000 score points and 250 gems

Gems lover - use 1000 gems to speed up your construction : 250 score points and 250 gems
Speed addict - use 2000 gems to speed up your construction : 750 score points and 500 gems

Some example CitySatoshi village set ups to earn Bitcoin

Checking the net satoshi/hour earnings from table displayed above, we may build a few set ups for our City Satoshi to earn nice amounts of satoshi/hour:

- 8x level 6 Farm Houses produce 1024 net satoshi/hour (total cost of purchasing and upgrading the 8 Farm Houses: 172,032 satoshi)

- 8x level 8 Farm Houses produce 1400 net satoshi/hour (total cost of purchasing and upgrading the 8 Farm Houses: 235,200 satoshi) )

-8x level 8 Farm Houses and 8x level 8 Taverns produce 4360 net satoshi/hour (total cost of purchasing and upgrading all these buildings: 732, 480 satoshi)

These are just some examples. Check the table above in this guide, "Buildings Net Satoshi/Hour production, level by level" and calculate total net satoshi/hour for your custom village set up.

Right now, in this first round, the faucet game CitySatoshi offers better chance to earn free Bitcoin than the earlier released CannonSatoshi, so it is recommended to register at CitySatoshi asap and start playing this game to earn free Bitcoin!

CitySatoshi game updates

To read the latest updates about CitySatoshi game and other news related to cryptocurrencies, follow ECoinLand's Twitter:

The first round of this newly published game started in Jan the 16th, 2016.

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