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get paid free Bitcoin for playing DeepBitcoin faucet game

LandBitcoin Company releases a new game to earn FREE Bitcoin: DeepBitcoin.

Game concepts

In this guide it will be explained the basics to play this free Bitcoin faucet game:

- You run a submarine in the ocean depths. Your task is to rise to the surface to download a captured unique fish that lives only on the ocean floor.

- Twist the wheel and run step by step, up on the map. You have 3 rolls to reach surface. Complete the game and get the satoshi jackpot.

- The Bitcoin prize will be awarded regarding your finish position, that is, the sum of the satoshi amounts at all past positions including the current one.

- When you get to the green sector, it will take you to the linked position above the current position. If the position is red, it wll take you to a position down in the map.

- Referral fee: 50% of the satoshi earnings of your referals

- Minimum cash out to wallet: 25000 satoshi

- Payments processed every friday.

Register and start earning FREE Bitcoin at DeepBitcoin!

Game updates

Listing changes and updates of the game