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Guide to GoldMines main features

GoldenMines is a faucet and invest hybrid online game to earn free money which can be converted to Bitcoin. There are two versions of the game: The purpose of the game is to hire gnomes (the producers), who will mine ore (the produce), to be collected and sold for gold.
After signing up, the GoldenMines game does not provide any gnome to start with. At first there are two choices to get enough in game gold to hire a gnome:
- Go to 'Replenish account' and invest in the game (using any of the many payment methods available there
- Claim 'Daily bonus', that provides a random amount of in game gold
As exchanging the collected ore by gold, the gold is shared among 2 types of balances:
- 'Buying' balance: this satoshi balance is used to invest in hiring more gnomes
- 'Withdrawal' balance: this is the balance of in game currency to be converted to money and be withdrawn.

To order a payoff it is needed to have at least an active referral player, or have replenished account for:
- RUB edition: more than 10 rubles (US 0.15$ or 38,000 satoshi at current exchange)
- USD edition: more than US 1$ (240,000 satoshi at current Bitcoin exchange)

How to play GoldenMines

- If having enough buying satoshi for investing, hire gnomes to mine ore
- Go to 'Store of ore' and collect ore clicking over 'take to the storehouse'
- Go to 'Ore processing' to sell the ore for gold
- Once meeting the requisites, swap in game gold for real money

Hire gnomes

You can hire different types of gnomes. Every gnome mines ore which can be processed and swap for real money. Every type of gnomes has an individual character and mines different amount of ore; the more expensive the gnome is, the more hard working he is. You can hire unlimited amount of gnomes!

Ore storehouse

Our gnomes do enormous work mining. That’s why you have to help you gnomes from time to tome to take already mined ore to the storehouse. It’s not necessary to do it often. It’s enough to take the ore once a month for gnomes can move in the mines easily without blocking it with big amount of carts. Of course you can do it more often.

Ore processing

Here you can process the ore from the storehouse and get gold coins which you can swap for real money. The gold coins got after processing are divided between two of your accounts (the account for buying and the account for withdrawal) in proportion: 70% to the account for buying and 30% to the account for withdrawal.
Rate of ore processing: 100 units = 1 gold coin.

Daily Bonus

Bonus is given once in 24 hours. Bonus is given out with gold coins to the buying balance of the GoldenMines account.
The sum of the bonus is generated randomly:
- RUB version: from 10 to 100 gold coins.
- USD version: from 10 to 50 gold coins.


In the exchange section you can swap gold coins from withdrawal balance to buyings balance. After the swap you get a bonus of 20% to the buyings balance. Only one side exchange (from withdrawal to buying) is possible.

Requirements to withdraw in GoldenMines

Payouts are done automatically and half automatically, depending on the chosen direction.
Below there is a list of paying systems to which you can order payout:
- Yandex money
- WebMoney
- Qiwi wallet
- Payeer (payment is instant to Payeer account)

Only users can order payoffs, who have one or more active referrals, or who have replenished their accounts for:
- RUB edition: more than 10 rubles (US 0.15$ or 38,000 satoshi at current exchange)
- USD edition: more than US 1$ (240,000 satoshi at current Bitcoin exchange)

How much can be withdrawn? In the RUB edition, it is set by pay points assigned by the game according to the next conditions:
- 1 pay point = 1 RUB. To withdraw for example 100 RUB from the system, you need to have 100 pay points on your account.
- In the USD edition 1 pay point = 1 US $
Pay points are credited for:
  • At replenishment you are credited with the points of 40% of the replenish sum.
  • At replenishment of the account by a referral of the 1st level, 30% go to the points
  • At replenishment of the account by a referral of the 2nd level, 10% go to the points
  • At replenishment of the account by a referral of the 3d level, 5% go to the points
  • At replenishment of the account by any player 10% of the replenishment sum is divided between all the players who were active during 24 hours

Minimum in game gold coins for withdrawal:
- RUB edition GoldMines: 1000 gold coins = 10 rubles (take in count this would require to have 10 pay points)
- USD edition GoldMines: 100 gold coins = 1 dollar (take in count this would require to have 1 pay point)
Note: Active referral is a user who has replenished the account or who has referrals who have replenished the account.

Tips to earn money in GoldenMines

- It is important to get (active) referrals to meet requirements for cash out. Therefore it is suggested to share your referrals links at social networks, and also use advertising solutions like Mellow Ads. Read how you can advertise for free using Mellow Ads advertising network.

- Payeer provides excellent solution to replenish accounts for rubles and dollars editions. You may fund the Payeer account with Bitcoin cryptocurrency (or alternatively using Litecoin, Dogecoin altcoins), to add funds in any currency you need: dollars, rubles. Then, when replenishing the GoldMines account, in the payment process you may select the currency source and Payeer will automatically exchange currency for you for a very small fee. besides, as already verified in the rubles edition GoldMines, withdrawing the cash from game to Payeer is instant.

- Regarding game progression, which gnomes to buy, it is recommended to avoid the most basic gnome (the kid gnome), and hire more advanced gnomes like student. For this, it is strongly recommended to collect every 24 hours the daily bonus (in case you have not planned yet to invest, replenish game account with money). Once having enough gold coins then purchase the Student (or better) gnome.
Current progression in the RUB edition of GoldMines is: 1x Kid, 8x Student, 9x Experienced, 1x Mature gnomes.
In the USD edition, current progression of ECoinLand is: 3x Student, 2x Experienced, 2x Mature gnomes.
The idea is that once it doesnt take too long (days wise) to earn for a given gnome type, it is suggested to keep saving the 'Buying' gold coins balance for the next more advanced gnome type.

GoldenMines game updates

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