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Register at Payeer, the All In One ewallet, payment system, bank

Payeer allows to unite and manage payment systems, banks and other different forms of payment options in the same service. Among its numerous services there is an electronic wallet to accept and do payments, and convert fiat and cryptocurrencies (just Bitrcoin, currently).

Starting at Payeer

Registering in Payeer is straight forward and it does not require any verification (it is optional): enter email address, and in the next form define password, secret word to recover password on loss, and the name (nickname) the account will be named as.
After that, the account is ready to go. You will also receive by email a Master Key to keep in a safe place.
Next in this review it will be shown how to operate with the electronic wallet and currencies, and finally  there will be listed the ample amount of features.

Add/Withdraw Funds, Convert currencies

 is This is an overview of Payeer dashboard:
Payeer dashboard

As it can be noticed, Bitcoin is just one more among the other Fiat currencies: dollar, euro, and ruble. Therefore it is possible to fund our Payeer account with Bitcoin, and exchange for any Fiat there. Alternatively, it is possible to use Dogecoin and litecoin altcoins to fund the Payeer ewallet (i.e. add dollars to the ewallet using litecoins).

Adding funds in different currencies, to Payeer electronic wallet

Adding funds to Payeer:
If wishing to add Bitcoin to Payeer account, the service will provide a Bitcoin wallet, and will give 15 minutes to order the transfer from our external electronic wallet holding Bitcoins.
Once it is ordered, the transfer verification is NOT time limited. The payeer account owner may check transfer completion in a custom web page, which will display when the transfer is finally verified.

Exchanging and withdrawing currencies. Besides, there is the feature to convert currencies, so:
- Fiat (dollars, rubles, euros) and Bitcoin can be exchanged to other currencies.
- Money can be withdrawn from Payeer ewallet to bank account using Bank Transfer choice ( via SWIFT )
- Besides Payeer, it allows using external payment systems like Okpay, on the conversions.

Exchange and withdraw Fiat currencies, Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Payeer features, solutions

The solutions offered by Payeer:
  • International transfers: WorldWide
  • Receiving Payments: more than 150 payment methods available to implement in websites
  • Exchange E-Currency: instant exchange of many payment systems
  • API tools for webmasters, to connect applications and websites
Among other features, it allows to do Payeer accounts transfers across the World, where fee from sender is 0%. Payeer E-wallet allows multiple transaction ways:
  • Send and receive money from 0% around the world by using Payeer Transfers.
  • Send and receive money by external systems: bank accounts, VISA, MasterCard, Paypal, Okpay, Egopay, STP, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Liqpay, Ukash, Webmoney (among other electronic-payment systems).
  • Instantly exchange different payment systems and banks.
  • Mass payments through any payment systems.

Besides, Payeer offers some web integration features for marchants, as: payments accepting on your website (more than 150 methods), automatic exchange, API tools for the website.

About fees:
  • International Transfers: International instant transaction.
    Sending of funds: 0%
    Receiving of funds: 0.95%
  • Currency Exchange: You can instantly exchange one currency for another in Payeer system at a low rate of 2% (Ruble, Dollar, Euro, Bitcoin)
  • Deposit & Withdraw: You can fund your account at 0% with some funding options available at Payeer, and withdraw money with the fees range from 0% to 5%, depending on the chosen system.

Regarding security, Payeer offers several effective tools to prevent scammers from stealing funds from your wallet:
  • IP security
  • SMS notification
  • Password recovery

Register at Payeer, receive and do payments, convert currencies