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Get paid FREE Bitcoin playing games at FaucetGame

Faucet Game is a different style of website to play casino games (as dice, roulette, slots, ...) and have a chance to earn FREE Bitcoin: no deposit is needed; in fact, deposits are not allowed. It is a 100% free-to-use Bitcoin faucet game.

It may be considered a faucet-style website, considering we can not invest our own money as in gambling sites.
So we invest our time to earn free Bitcoin and also level up our account, to be able to place higher bets among the games. Besides, no signing up is required, to play the faucet games, but getting paid out will require registration. Payment is done via FaucetBox, a nice and secure micropayment cache free for users to use. Register a full account on Faucet Game now to earn bitcoins and chat with other players around the globe!

Note: the website does NOT accept deposits. This means there is no risk to lose any money, since no invest can be done. The cash is earned from website faucet, daily bonus, tips from other players in chat, referral income and as well, from playing the diverse casino style games. All for free!

How to Earn Free Bitcoin

To earn Bitcoin, it is needed to withdraw the in-game credits (1 credit = 1 satoshi) achieved in several ways:

1. Playing the several casino games

  • Slot Machine: classic slots machine, rewarding up to x500 your bet (Big Win)
  • Wheel of Wealth: the classic wheel of fortune; rewards up to x50 your bet (Jackpot)
  • Roll of Chance: roll the dice in the dice game (house edge of 0.02%)
  • Falling Fortune: plinko game (drop a coin from the top of the pyramid, and wait to see which cup it lands in); rewarding up to x32 your bet
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

Play Wheel of Fortune style game at FaucetGame

2. Claim faucet every 15 minutes

Also, every 15 minutes you may claim FREE bonus at the FaucetGame Faucet, so you may earn 1000 credits per hour to play in the games. While playing games, watch the faucet countdown timer below the game, and when it gets green and reaches 0 just go to faucet page to claim your free credits!

3. Claim daily credits bonus

Besides, every day you can claim a free Daily Bonus just by playing several of the casino games: play 210 games in total meeting several goals (60 slot spins, 50 wheel spins, 40 dice rolls, 40 plinko drops, and 20 Blackjack games) and you will earn your current level * 500 credits. So, increasing your level will increase that daily credits bonus as well.

4. Affiliate system: referrals

Refer users to receive 50% referral commission every time they make a claim! And even there is Bonus Weekend promotion, which will give you 75% for the entire weekend, instead of the regular 50%.

The minimum withdraw amount is 0.00010000 Bitcoin (10000 Credits = 10000 satoshi). Remember that you will be asked to register a full account at Faucet Game before you are able to withdraw.

Since the website earns revenue from advertising partners, the website will require to have any ad blocking extension disabled or at least adding the website to the white list of the adblocking tool.

VIP feature

Optionally, you may become a VIP and benefit from top and upcoming features along with VIP-only benefits:
- Exclusive Chatroom
- Faucet & Referral Earnings: Increased Faucet claims by 25% of the standard claim amount, and 15% on top of standard Referral earnings
- No More Ads*: As a VIP you get no Ads on all content pages! Never look at an ad again (* Game ads excluded, not compatible with ad-block)
- No More Captchas: VIPs are supposed to be trusted users, therefore you will never have to solve a Captcha again, games included
- Auto-Play: VIPs will get their own Auto-Play bot for all our single-player games
- Special Coloured Username: You will get a specially themed username so you can show off to all users when you chat using the Chatbox
- Variable Packages: Become a VIP for 1 month or 6 months, or you can choose to keep it for life

Hints for playing the Casino games of Faucetgame

- Just claiming from FaucetGame Faucet, you may earn 1000 satoshi/hour (1200 satoshi/h in the weekends), which is pretty above from nowadays Bitcoin faucets rewards. After that, playing in the games is optional.
- Slot Machine, the Wheel of Wealth, and the Falling Fortune look like the "safe" games to go increasing credits balance, and climbing the first levels.
- Wheel of Wealth may be slower on earnings since the max earning we may get is up to x50 times the bet, while slots machine may provide up to x500 times the bet.Though the Wheel could be considered the "safest".
- The dices at Roll of Chance is different horse. Better to race for the numbers in later stage, at upper levels. For example, once reaching to level 6, the credits needed to level up are 60,000 credits, therefore we could start risking, i.e., 2500 credits in a numbers race of x499, beting 5 credits per play.

Important note: having no activity (no faucet claim, or no playing games) will have some consequences, as explained at site FAQ:
What happens if I stop using my account?
I'm playing anonymously/unregistered
If you don't register your account (using your email address), then after 14 days of non-activity your account will be purged and all credits returned to the Faucet balance to be redistributed to other users. Your Unique ID will also be unavailable and a new account will be made for you automatically. To avoid this you need to make a Faucet claim or play a game every 14 days.

I'm fully registered
The same will happen to registered users who sign up with their email address, except the limit is 30 days and your account will not be deleted, only your credits will be returned to the Faucet. The only exception to this rule is if you are an Affiliate and have made at least 1 Credit in the last 30 days.

Therefore even more reason to register and have a full account.

Sign up at FaucetGame and win FREE Bitcoin rewards

Updates in Faucet Game

Changes, withdrawals, updates log related to FaucetGame website.

- The minimum wihtdrawal amount has been set to 50,000 satoshi. Max amount that can be withdrawn is 0.0025 Bitcoin

- Besides the rain feature that any user can start in chat to reward a a random set of users active in there, since May the 22nd there is a new rainmaster feature which basically works like a lottery which gives a 30th of the pot to 30 lucky active users of the chat. This lottery works every hour (o'clock) and it just requires to post a single message in chat, before the round to be in for that round. Also take in count that now every chat message will cost 100 satoshi/credits.

- The cost of 1 month of VIP has been doubled from 0.01 Bitcoin to 0.02 Bitcoin

- 1st Withdrawal: 250,000 satoshi:
first payment of free Bitcoin, from FaucetGame to faucetBox