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free online flash games and bitcoin faucets portal - OneGameplay

Landbitcoin releases OneGameplay: online flash games and Bitcoin faucets portal which pays free Bitcoin for playing! Landbitcoin is the developer of several Bitcoin faucets, and has a good reputation of paying the earned satoshi.
The purpose is to play flash online games for free: enjoy top action games, adventure games, puzzle games, shooting games, arcade games, strategy games.

some free online flash games at OneGameplay portal

Besides, to use some Bitcoin faucets via OneGameplay. All this activity will allow to earn extra Bitcoin for free!.

How to earn free Bitcoin at Onegameplay

The rules are to visit the website every day and play at least 20 games per day. After 7 days the player will be paid 100,000 satoshi, and subsequently, for each continuous day, 15,000 satoshi. But, such earning will stop if one day player's activity is insufficient. In this case, it will start from the beginning.

Take in count that once browsing a game category and clicking to visit a game or faucet, a captcha code must be solved, otherwise the game will not be reckoned. Once the captcha is solved, the website will load the game, or redirect to the Bitcoin faucet.

Note: it does not matter the activity done inside game, or how long is it used, to count the game as visited/used. Therefore, in a short while it is possible to complete the daily quota of 20 games.

top right at OneGameplay, with daily games counter

So, using the Bitcoin faucets from OneGameplay it is possible to earn the Bitcoin from OneGameplay and ALSO from each of the Bitcoin faucet.
Though each Bitcoin faucet will require to register to each faucet, therefore the suggestion to earn the most satoshi is to follow these steps:

1. Register at Bitcoin faucets

(email address and Bitcoin wallet address required; if you dont have yet any Bitcoin address, get as many as you wish registering atCoinbase ):
- Take Bitcoin: take a job position and wait till the job related countdown ends, to claim free satoshi: Register at Take Bitcoin.
- Mine Bitcoin: dig in the mines, at 4 different locations and earn Bitcoin. Register at Mine Bitcoin
- Deep Bitcoin: it is the classic Goose game, to earn free Bitcoin. It shares the balance with Stellar Bitcoin therefore it is easier to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. Register at: Deep Bitcoin
- Stellar Bitcoin: it is a sister game of Deep Bitcoin, classic Goose game, to earn free Bitcoin. It shares the balance with Deep Bitcoin therefore it is easier to reach the minimum withdrawal amount. Register at: Stellar Bitcoin
- World of RPS: multiplayer online game, to play for free or to earn free Bitcoin. It is possible to play some limited amount of games for free and earn free satoshi.Register at World of RPS

2. Register at OneGameplay

That's it! Log in and start using the faucets listed in the Faucets category in OneGameplay: click over a faucet, complete the required captcha so your game is reckoned and stats updated (at top right), and then you will be redirected to the Bitcoin faucet.
After that, proceed with the faucet mechanics to claim satoshi, or start the countdown to claim satoshi, and once finished, go back to OneGameplay website, to go on using other Bitcoin faucets from there.

Even if you just wish to play some online flash game there, remember to open other games in new tabs, and complete required captchas to keep counting for the daily quota.
Have fun playing and earning free Bitcoin at OneGameplay