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Register and get paid free Bitcoin for playing games at GameFaucet

GameFaucet has been purchased by owner of FaucetGame (read guide of this casino-style Bitcoin faucet) and redesigned as a portal where to earn free Bitcoin playing games and claiming satoshi from its faucet.

GameFaucet features

- Upgrade your level (Upgrade section) and get benefits in games and also site-wide. The higher the level, the bigger end-game bonus will be earned, and also the wait times between each game will be shortened. Besides chatbox usernames will get special designs according to level. There are 40 levels to climb, from Peon to Paragon.
- Chat with tip and rain features to help other players.
- Minimum wihtdrawal is 50,000 satoshi, and the daily limit is 250,000 satoshi.

How to earn FREE Bitcoin in GameFaucet

- Claim the Bitcoin faucet of the site every 5 minutes

- Play games and win on them. So far there are 3 games: Bitcoin Pirates (Pacman style game), Going Nuts (skill-based game to drop a squirrel and collect nuts) and Bubble Shooter (shoot bubbles and remove them, which reminds to Bubble Witch Saga).
Notes: as for now, the only way to earn the satoshi from Bubble Shooter game is by winning it or losing it. We can NOT just leave the game to resume for later, because the satoshi score will NOT be added to account balance. Besides, each game has a cool down till next round to play at it. Threfore it may be needed to rotate through games to wait till other games cool downs end.

Bitcoin Pirates: Get ready for some epic sword fighting action! Control your hero through a set of islands with gameplay in the style of classic pac-man. Collect as many Bitcoins as you can and fend off your attackers.
You have 2 lifes (pirates) to play and each extra life costs 400 satoshi. 2 extra pirates can be got for free after a cool down time shown in the game page (currently the cool down time is around 6 hours!).
Besides there are some optional boosts to help in game: Speed Boost (costs 500 satoshi; boosts the speed of your characters movement), Sword Skills (costs 500 satoshi; double the length of time you can wield a sword) Sleeping Pills (costs 500 satoshi; give sleeping pills to your enemies to make them move slower) and Killing Spree (costs 500 satoshi; higher combo amount when killing enemies)

Going Nuts: Squirrels eat Bitcoins!? That's right! You have a new pal squirrel who's hungry to eat as many Bitcoin Acorns he can get his paws! Travel through woods using careful planning and strategy to progress.
Players starts with one squirrel which is used after game is ended. Purchasing a new squirrel costs 500 satoshi, though a new free squirrel can be obtained after a cool down time (currently it is around 6 hours cool down time!).
Besides, there are some optional boosts to use in game: Life +1 (costs 1000 satoshi; get 1 more chance in each level); Win Requirement -1 (costs 1000 satoshi; requirement on each level to win drops by 1) and Thick Fur (costs 800 satoshi; your aquirrel fur is thicker and bounces less)

Bubble Shooter: Bubbles are showing up all over the place! Shoot them down with turn-based moves before they hit the floor. There are precious Bitcoins in each one that must be saved! With over 50+ levels, do you have what it takes to pop them all?
To play this it is needed a Cannon which is consumed once we win or lose the game. This Cannon costs 500 satoshi or can be got for free after a cool down time shown in the game page (currently the cool down lasts 6 hours!).
Besides, there are some optional boost to be used, like Wind Fan (costs 800 satoshi; keeps the bubbles from falling for longer), Rapid Fire (costs 1000 satoshi; speeds up the shooting of the bubble) and Time machine (costs 1500 credits; travel in time and play again instantly).

- Become an affiliate of GameFaucet site and earn 50% commission from all Faucet claims referrals do. For that purpose, share referral link at social networks and even start ads campaigns for free using Mellow Ads and Adbitco (they have faucets to earn free satoshi to be used in advertising campaigns).

VIP Rank

VIP status will grant exclusive access to the latest additions only available to VIPs:
- Private Chatroom: Become an elite and chat in private with fellow VIPs
- Earnings Boost: Increase Faucet claims by 25% and referrals by 15%
- Remove Ads*: You no longer need to look at ads on content pages
- Captchas Killed: never solve one again
- Attractive Username: special username design
- And Even More: Get instant access to all newly added features

Hints and tips to earn Bitcoin at GameFaucet

Currently, the games to grind and invest satoshi on purchasing extra rounds are the Bubble Shooter game, and the squirrel game ("Going Nuts"). Upgrading levels will help getting higher score bonus and therefore break even faster. The "Bitcoin Pirates", due to its difficulty, it is really hard to break even so it is just worth to play the free games provided by website. Besides, for maximum profit the optional boosts could be avoided, except for the pirates game, where purchasing the speed boots makes a huge difference.

- Updates on upgrading account level: the total, accrued cost of upgrading till level 40 has been doubled, from 0.377385 Bitcoin to 0.752076 BTC!
Other accrued costs on milestone levels:
- Level 10: 40,500 satoshi before, now it costs 64,200 satoshi
- Level 20: 428,500 satoshi before, now it costs 730,600 satoshi
- Level 30: 4,038,500 satoshi before, now it costs 7,448,600 satoshi

The score bonus is 5% at level 1, and to double it and earn a 10% of the won satoshi in the given game, we must level up till level 11. This means and accrued upgrade cost of 52,500 83,300 satoshi.
Doubling again the score bonus till 20.1% will require to upgrade till level 21, for an accrued cost of 538,500 922,600 satoshi.
By level 31, we may earn a score bonus of 40.3% but reaching there will cost (accrued) 5,038,500 9,387,600 satoshi. Therefore, the player must think how often will play the games, to see which level is worth to reach, and stay for actually earn some satoshi and send to wallet.

The referral bonuses aren't great at all, since they are solely based on the faucet which provides currently just 75 satoshi every 5 minutes, and mostly players attention will be just on playing the games, than claiming that faucet, as it is.

So, GameFaucet is another alternative to earn some free Bitcoin playing games.

sign up and get paid free Bitcoin for playing games at GameFaucet

GameFaucet Updates

- As on May the 5th, The website is still in testing phase, to find and fix bugs. Admin announce:

- Two new games have been added: Flap Cat (reminds of Flappy Bird) and City Blocks (build a tower as tall as possible)